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Welcome to the website of the Magyar Canicross SE

, BIKEJÖRING, MUSHING and SCOOTERING are all Dog Sports our club members are practicing competitively or as a hobby.

We are proud to announce that our club will be hosting the 2009 European Championships taking place in the beautiful city of Sopron.

Photo Contest with the theme: “Dog and Sport

Sopron 2009 The Hungarian Canicross SE (MCSE) (1084 Budapest, József utca 33.) is hosting the 2009 European Canicross and Bikejöring Championships in Sopron on the weekend of October 9-11.

During the event our club is organizing a Photography Contest with photos from dog-related sports, themed "Dog and Sport".

Contestants may participate with photos that present the relation of the dog and the sport, images that picture the sporting dog as well as with photos that show the relationship of the dog and the human within the sport.

Terms and conditions:

The contest is public, anyone can participate. There is a maximum amount of 5 photos per contestant.
Already awarded photographies (in other contests) are not allowed.
All submitted photos must have a title; photos without a title/name will not be eligible. Manipulated images will be automatically be disqualified. Compressing and resizing images is allowed.
The contestant must send the completed form along with all the images to the email address.
We will only accept images that are emailed with a completed form.
Image size should be a minimum of 1 MB. Photos need to be emailed to between August 1st and September the 10th of 2009.

Awarding: The panel of judges will choose the images that will be awarded at race weekend exhibition.

Panel members :

1. Szalánczi Gábor journalist, press photographer;
2. Szenoner Noémi, esthete;
3. Hidvégi Tamás, art collector (Prága, CZ).

The exhibition visitors will choose the "public's favorite photo" from the displayed photographs.


1. place 25.000 HUF
2. place 20.000 HUF
3. place 10.000 HUF
and certificate.

10.000 HUF and certificate for the "public's favorite photo" award winner.

Budapest, 2009-07-24
Magyar Canicross Sportegyesület
Dr. Svéda István, President

Magyar Canicross Sportegyesület
(Hungarian Canicross Sports Club - MCSE)
1084 Budapest, József str. 33.
Dr. Svéda István - President
Telefon: +36 20/965-8964

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